Month: October 2019

What happens if I don’t pay my car loan on time?

Find out the consequences. Finally you gathered the amount needed to renew your car, you have thought up to the color of that truck that you dreamed so much and where you will travel with your family in a comfortable and safe way. Everything sounds great, moving from a compact car to a mini-van is […]

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Bank loans university students for loans from banks

Offers loans repurchased by private individuals Being registered in the list of quick loans for bad payers, did you find yourself with any kind of extra liquidity? We are talking about the loan contract, after having paid the installments or bad payers, but only in the same work, which do not appear convincing or more […]

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Deposits: search compare and get at least 3%

There are no easy times for Spanish savers who want to put their money safely. National banks go through what is perhaps the most delicate moment in history, surrounded by the new requirements of provisions, by the rating agencies, by the weakness of their income accounts, by the fall in their quotes and by the […]

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