12 Amazon Outlet Kitchen Storage Deals to Buy Now

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Anyone who loves to cook understands the difficulty of keeping the kitchen organized. But just as small appliances can make life easier, a smart storage solution can too. Some utensils give kitchen essentials a place of their own, while others store dry foods and leftovers. And if you’re ready to have the spotless kitchen of your dreams (and at a reduced price), just go to Amazon Fulfillment Center. It’s full of hidden storage deals up to 44% off right now.

No matter what type of storage solution you’re looking for, chances are Amazon has it at a supreme discount. in the kitchen area of its popular Outlet store. Currently, there are over 250 kitchen storage deals going on everything from fridge bins to dry food containers to cutlery holders, and they start at just $8.

Want to reduce unnecessary waste while keeping leftover produce and snacks fresh? This reusable storage bag set is it. The bags are designed to resist leaks with an airtight seal and are strong enough to store in the freezer. You’ll also like their semi-transparent appearance, allowing you to see the remains inside. The 12-pack comes with snack bags and sandwich bags and is 30% off.

Another food storage deal is this rubbermaid clear container set. The Editor’s Favorite Pick is ideal for dry foods like beans or flour, as well as leftovers or lunch the next day, as it has an airtight seal that’s secured with two snap latches. And because they’re easy to stack, they won’t take up much room in the pantry. The set of four containers includes a 16-cup container, a 12-cup container, a 6.6-cup container, and a 3.2-cup container and is only $40 right now.

Need a little help storing your forks and knives? Swipe this Joseph Joseph cutlery organizer in your drawer. It has a unique layered construction that stores various utensils in separate pockets, holding a full set of cutlery in a small space. The organizer is so popular that it has earned over 7,100 five-star ratings to date. Or if you want something elegant for a meeting, this galvanized metal trolley with small compartments can hold forks, knives, spoons and even a place for napkins. It’s discounted to $21 right now.

You might have a spoon rest at home, but we bet it’s not as versatile as this one. now-$8 silicone utensil holder. With four slots, you can hold wooden spoons, kitchen tongs and knives without messing up your countertop. And because it’s made with silicone, you don’t have to worry about it melting after stirring hot sauces or stews. For those with limited counter space, consider this magnetic knife strip it’s just $18. It can hold anything from a paring knife to a bread knife right on the wall, so you can easily access it while cooking.

Scroll to find the best kitchen organizer and storage deals hidden in the Amazon Outlet store below. Remember that deals on the site go fast, so stock up now while these discounts are still in effect.

To buy: Set of 12 Glamfields Reusable Food Storage Bags, $9 (originally $13) at amazon.com

To buy: Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Containers, $40 (originally $50) at amazon.com

To buy: Sweejar Kitchen Canister Ceramic Food Jar, $16 with coupon (originally $21) at amazon.com

To buy: SimpleHouseware Refrigerator Storage Organizer, $24 (originally $36) at amazon.com

To buy: Diikoo Ceramic Butter Dish, $13 (originally $18) at amazon.com

To buy: Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Compact Cutlery Organizer, $12 (originally $15) at amazon.com

To buy: Silicone Spoon Rest for Cooler Kitchen Utensils, $7 with coupon (originally $15) at amazon.com

To buy: Laxinis World Universal Knife Holder, $12 (originally $17) at amazon.com

To buy: SimpleHouseware Kitchen Pantry Organizer Rack, $19 (originally $23) at amazon.com

To buy: Qimh Collapsible Colander Set, $14 (originally $20) at amazon.com

To buy: Bedding Craft Galvanized Metal Basket, $21 (originally $30) at amazon.com

To buy: Ouddy Magnetic Knife Band Holder, $18 (originally $20) at amazon.com