12 J.Crew Men’s 2021 Factory Selling Picks

By my math, we’ve been working from home for ten thousand years (check the math). But now, with more and more people receiving vaccines, it looks like we are finally turning the corner on something that feels like a halfway normal world. Where once there was darkness, there is light. Where there was a virus, there is now a vaccine. And where there used to be sweatpants, there will soon be stylish cuts. Pack your bags boys, we’re heading back to the office.

For my part, I am REQUIRED for this because we need separate spaces for work and for home. When your room also serves as an office (and your cafeteria and your daycare), you are sort of never unplugged and you always feel stressed. Personally, it not only gives me a reason to fly from my West Coast home to New York City to have a late drink with my favorite Esquire employees and harass them about fashion in movies like La Dolce Vida (hi Nick!) but it also gives me the opportunity to seriously refresh my wardrobe with a much needed refresh.

The perfect resource for this is the J.Crew Factory Sale. The Crew offers basics (denim! Chukkas! Button up shirts!) That feel both timeless and fresh at prices that will leave enough cash to comfortably buy a bar bill later. (You remember ?)

Relaxed Slim Flex Floral Shirt

Out: pimples so annoying that they put colleagues in a coma. In: button-down shirts with exciting patterns that enhance the quality among colleagues.

Printed casual shirt with short sleeves

It’s the shirt that comes out of a blazer and says to the world, “Yeah, I also like to party after my TPS report has been stamped. “

Khaki trench coat

Do you know that time of year when it’s a little too warm for a winter jacket but it’s not quite cotton blazer season? This is when the Fit Gods practically order you to put on a khaki trench coat.

Dalton rain jacket

Facts: It’s going to rain this spring and it’s going to rain hard. Put on a jacket like the Dalton and you won’t walk off the streets looking like a Titanic extra.

Crewneck sweater in fine textured cotton

Layering is how you fight the insane spring weather. Is it going to rain? Will it snow? Will it be a soft 72 for absolutely no reason? Who knows! Think of this crew neck as the basis for any great springtime fit that can withstand any weather condition.

Cotton chore blazer

We love the chore coats at Esquire. We also love blazers. If only there was a hybrid jacket that incorporates the best qualities of both …

Slim-fit jeans in rinse wash

Your all-purpose, all-rounder, suitable for almost any occasion denim is here.

Straight fit flex jeans in mid wash

There are certain scenarios that call for serious jeans. Some scenarios call for casual jeans. Then there are scenarios in the middle that call for those mid wash jeans.

Desert suede ankle boots

If there is a more comfortable and versatile pair of boots than these suede desert boots, we would definitely love to hear about it.

Explorer canvas lace-up espadrilles

The perfect pair for a casual Friday. Or relaxed Monday. Or casual Wednesday.

Non-medical face masks (pack of 3)

We’re going to be wearing face masks for the rest of 2021 and maybe until 2022. You should strap on something as stylish as your outfit. (And can be thrown in the washing machine later. The funk mask is REAL, guys)

Square Frame Aviator Sunglasses

While aviators may be your go-to fighter pilot shades, guys named Clooney and POTUS, they can be your go-to shades as well.

Faded baseball cap

Consider the lobster… embroidered on this cap.

Canvas tote bag with leather straps

Are you still stuffing your work laptop into a backpack like you’re back in college? Maybe it’s time for a Big Boy Bag. Preferably one in canvas and leather that looks better and better the more you beat it.

Tie-Dyed Socks

When you want spectacle people without whom you are secretly a hippie story them, you are secretly a hippie.

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