Amazon Outlet is the inexpensive version of Amazon

There is nothing more compelling than a good sale. Amazon offers its Prime Day event for shoppers to score deals, but it has also introduced something lesser-known that offers reduced prices all year round: Amazon Outlet. Here’s a quick primer on how Amazon Outlet works.

What is Amazon Outlet?

Overstock is also a real problem for Amazon. We have no idea how he can keep all the zillions of orders they get every minute online, but like every other retailer, they need a way to dump the things they have too much. It’s not very high profile like their other sections, but Amazon Outlet is a very important part of the Amazon family of brands.

Of course, if something is overstocked, there’s probably a reason for it. There’s a fair chance that it’s cheap, plastic, and ultimately not terribly necessary. However, just like a real mall, sometimes you can find a few diamonds in the middle of an ocean of seedy sand.

How does Amazon Outlet work?

Outlet has thousands of discounted items in just about every category you can think of. Here are a few ways to shop:

1. Look for super discounts

For the die-hard deal hunter, check out the Super Discounts section, which has a bunch of stuff under $ 10. We can’t promise that all of this is useful (there’s, say, a twerking bear), but bargain hunters know that sometimes you have to sift through a lot of junk to find treasure sometimes.

2. Browse best sellers

You can also take a look at their Bestsellers section which is more of a reflection on the weirdness of human beings than anything else.

3. Filter by category

Sometimes it’s easier if you divide your search into categories and subcategories such as “Kitchen” or “Electronics”.

4. Take the tour

If in doubt, shop around. Like Prime Day, getting the right stuff just takes a few steps. Fortunately, this isn’t real fieldwork and can be done from the comfort of your desktop, tablet, or phone.


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* First published: July 25, 2019, 12:52 p.m. CDT

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