Amazon Outlet: Where to Find Hot (and Cheap) Overstock Deals Online

You don’t have to be so old to remember the excitement of “exit shopping” – hitting special malls (or even entire cities – Freeport, Maine, anyone?) for offers on overstocks, returns or sometimes separate product lines. It makes sense that the nation’s largest online retailer,, is playing this game with his own exit – without the bricks and mortar (and auxiliary candy and fudge vendors).

As millions of Americans have signed up for Amazon Prime, weigh the benefits of Amazon Prime’s perks – (both the new or both new and those being removed) against the recent increase in the price of Amazon Prime. membership – Amazon Outlet is probably a reason to stay.

They’re not used or used, and some are even quite high-end (think Apple, Bose, Marmot and Pendleton). Amazon Outlet the items are true overstock – Amazon bought too many – discontinued items, or just plain old clearance items. And they went through a retail strip. That means you’ll see clothing, kitchenware, home decor, electronics, and other areas.

We’ve found great deals in Amazon Outlet that you might be interested in. Otherwise, there are many more. Here is what we discovered: