How to find popular products at reduced prices

Even if you consider yourself an Amazon shopper, there are still some surprising ways to save money beyond Amazon Prime. Come in, Amazon Outlet, the Amazon sales display that is hiding in plain sight.

Amazon Outlet is a section where sellers can move excess or excess inventory. It’s been around the ecommerce site for several years, but it’s kind of a hidden, unknown gem.

“Think of it like an online Marshalls or a TJ Maxx,” Sara Skirboll, shopping and trends expert at RetailMeNot, told CNBC Make It.

The items you’ll find in Amazon Outlet cover everything from beauty to home improvement. Indeed, it’s a bit of a catch-all, but Amazon has to approve any products that sellers move to the Outlet before they end up on the site.

This means that you can count on anything in the Outlet being in new condition and having at least an Amazon rating of three stars. (Items available on Subscribe & Save are not eligible for Amazon Outlet.) But you have to dig to find the best items.

Solid choices? We found a 64-ounce bottle of Swell, which typically costs $ 55, for just $ 45 at Amazon Outlet. There are even tech accessories under $ 20, like a pair of wireless headphones with a four-star rating for just $ 11 or an AirPods carrying case for $ 7. Or if you’re hosting guests, there are deals on useful entertainment items, like a $ 7 wine glass.

The exact Amazon Outlet products change regularly, so here are some tips for browsing the Amazon Outlet:

Find out-of-season flights

Right after the holidays, check out Amazon Outlet for discounted decorations or seasonal items, suggests Skirboll. For example, in the months following the holiday season, you may find seasonal decorations at a reduced price, such as Christmas decorations. (You might want to avoid sweets and foods from last season, she says.)

To that end, you can also rate last season’s clothing styles at discounted prices at Amazon Outlet, she says. Right now, you can find ski jackets from famous brands like Columbia, as well as children’s outerwear and ski goggles.

Search, do not scroll

If you don’t really need to buy anything, browsing Amazon Outlet can be dangerous, as low prices make otherwise non-essential items more interesting. “So step into your shopping experience at Amazon Outlet knowing what you need and what you’re willing to pay, and get out of there,” Skirboll said.

Stock up on gifts

Before Amazon was a large online retailer, the site primarily sold books. Skirboll suggests looking for books to give as gifts at Amazon Outlet. From trendy tabletop books to children’s books, there’s an eclectic range of nearly 1,000 titles starting at $ 1.29 and up.

Do your homework

While Amazon has almost everything, it’s wise to research quickly and see if you can find products for a lower price at other retailers before you pull the trigger, Skirboll says. Other shopping sites may offer better shipping or have a better return policy, she says.

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