J.Crew Mercantile is exactly like J.Crew Factory, except it’s in the malls

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When J.Crew publicly announced the launch of a new value-driven label called J.Crew Mercantile at the end of last week, the details were a bit hazy. Until this point, J.Crew Mercantile lived as a line inside J.Crew Factory stores, producing pieces specially designed for Factory customers. Now. J.Crew wanted to burst the Mercantile line into its own set of stores. But what will make him different of J.Crew Factory Outlets?

In the end, not much. Buzzfeed News has obtained a copy of an internal memo sent to J.Crew employees last week that further explains the Mercantile concept. 21. The company plans to open 10 Mercantile stores this year and further expansion plans are underway for 2016. The stores will carry the exact same merchandise as J.Crew Factory, which typically costs less than $ 100 for just under $ 100. almost everything.

“Some of our customers also buy from J.Crew, but shop at outlets a few times a year to stock up on their favorites,” the memo reads. “For many of our customers, J.Crew Mercantile or Factory is ‘their’ J.Crew, both in our stores and on our website. They appreciate the tight prices of the classic J.Crew style and have the feeling to get great value. “

The retailer should strive to clarify what makes each brand unique and complementary to each other. According to Buzzfeed News, the memo notes that one of the most frequently asked questions is, essentially, why buy from J.Crew if you can get similar items for less at Mercantile? In response, the memo explains that J.Crew’s main line will always feature all the latest styles, as well as branded collaboration and collectible items. In addition, regular J.Crew products “use finer fabrics and threads and higher design details.”

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