Men’s coats and jackets are 60% off at J.Crew Factory

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I’ll let you in on a little trade secret. Most of the deals that you will find in the outlet stores are not exactly what they appear to be. For example, J.Crew Factory customs clearance section says this majestic herringbone coat for $ 200 is 32% off – but this reduction is only for “comparable value”, not an actual price. In other words, this coat has always been designed to sell for $ 200, so it’s not really on sale.

But what if you could get that same regal herringbone topcoat for, say, $ 80? Now this would be a real barn burner from a sale. As it turns out, J.Crew Factory offers discounts of up to 60% sitewide (including clearance section) plus free shipping on orders over $ 75 with code QUICK, so you can do it. [Update: The code is now SOFESTIVE, and the deals below are now 50% off instead of 60% off.]

In fact, there are three coats we’d like to bring to your attention below, all on super sale, because even though winter doesn’t technically start until the 21st, it’s time to layer up.

Thompson Herringbone Wool-Blend Overcoat

J.Crew Factory classic pea coat for men

Classic pea coat

J.Crew Factory Hooded Parka for Men

Hooded parka

Coats are just the tip of the holiday season. Discover the rest of the offers here, remember to use the code FAST at checkout.

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