Men’s shirt jackets cost $ 35 during J.Crew Factory sale

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The raison d’être of J.Crew Factory is transactions. But sometimes they go above and beyond the appeal and offer discounts on men’s clothing up to 70%. more 20% extra discount if you spend $ 100 or more. That time is now, and all you need is some code PLUSTODONATE. [Editor’s note: On Wednesday, this particular deal ended, but the shirt jackets below are still under $35 and you can get free shipping on anything with code VERYSPECIAL.]

The sale only lasts until midnight Tuesday, so what to buy? You could aim for the biggest sales, like the $ 35 denim trucker jacket or the $ 29 black denim trucker jacket, but if you are looking for winter layers, we recommend the shirt jackets. Stronger than your normal buttonhole, cotton construction and reinforced with elbow patches, you will find yourself catching them every morning.

There are nine colors available in three different styles, which you will find below.

This classic pattern is also available in gray and red. (J.Crew factory)

Buffalo Check Shirt Jacket

J.Crew Factory Indigo Shirt Jacket
The darkest color choice of the bunch. (J.Crew factory)

Indigo shirt jacket

J.Crew Factory shirt jacket
Available in aubergine [pictured here], denim blue, dark green, charcoal and oatmeal. (J.Crew factory)

Plain shirt-jacket

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