REI Outlet has been replaced by REI Garage

The now defunct REI Outlet has been replaced by REI Garage, a closing shopping website that the brand promises to be more focused, simple, and quality-focused than its predecessor.

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REI announced the revamped point-of-sale launch this week. REI Garage only offers “new, unused at the end of the season and from the previous year” items.

The news comes after an 18-month planning period in which the retail giant sought feedback from members and online users of its REI Outlet platform. REI is promoting the launch with a supplement 20 percent off until August 19.

‘REI Garage’ makes bargain hunting easier

“The retail space is far too complicated and confusing right now, and the shopping experience seems unnecessarily chaotic,” said Mark Seidl, managing director of REI Garage, in a statement.

REI Garage

The new site is aimed at bargain shoppers, but the brand promises to only provide material for the site that meets usual retail standards. To this end, REI will back all purchases from the REI Garage with its “Full Satisfaction Guarantee”.

How is it different?

All REI garage products are purchased by REI specifically for the garage. This is different from typical point-of-sale models, which push back carry-over items that haven’t sold in a given year or season.

According to Seidl, the REI Garage brands are the same “premier supplier partners that customers expect to find” on the flagship

The retailer claimed that Garage’s items were not “leftovers.” As Seidl noted, REI’s massive buying power gives it the ability to choose garage-worthy products first.

“Our full-price business support and our relationships with supplier partners place us in the unique position of having the best access to high-quality products at low prices,” he told us.

REI Garage is open now and offers free in-store delivery for members and non-members.

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